Unyielding Fitness Functional Fitness Program - UnyieldingFitness
Unyielding Fitness Functional Fitness Program - UnyieldingFitness

Unyielding Fitness: Functional Fitness Program

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Written By Professionals 

Unlock your full potential and start building a more functional physique with the Unyielding Fitness Functional Fitness Program. This plan offers 5 days of training with 1 optional day each week and 1 rest and recovery day. This plan runs for four weeks and is ideal for athletes of all skill levels. This program is highly repeatable and will give you the most bang for your buck. When you purchase the program you will be directed to a download link for your program, and your program will be sent to your email just in case. 

What This Program Offers

The formatting for this program is simple. Each workout will start out with a Skill drill, followed by a strength drill, and capped off by a conditioning workout. Most days have optional Accessory work that can be completed post-workout, saved for a different day, or skipped altogether. We thought of everything, except a warm-up. The reason we didn't program a warm-up for you is simple, you know your body better than we do. 

How This Program Can Help You

Functional Fitness is a complex array of many moving parts. After you go down the list of movements whose length rivals Homer's Odyssey you then have to figure out how they fit together and which time frame they should be in.

At Unyielding Fitness we wanted to take the questions and confusion out of the question and create a workout that is easy to read and follow. Following programs at 67% of your 2 rep max at an 8 RPE just sounds like homework to me. You already made the hard choice to follow a functional fitness program there is no need to make it harder. Let us do the hard work for you. 

Test your mettle today and buy our Functional Fitness Program.