Four Things Sabotaging Your Goals

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, and as promised, here are the four things holding you back from your fitness goals.



You may be falling into two categories here.

 You might be under recovering, which is easier to do than it seems. In most cases, you may think it is more common to over recover, but once the fitness bug bites you, it is hard to stop. I have met many athletes over my years that workout 6-7 days a week for months and never quit. This does not play out well in the grand scheme of things. While your muscles might not ache anymore, your tendons still need time to adjust.

 On the other side of things, you might be over recovering. I think this happens more to people that start working out. Typically people will wait until their body isn’t sore and then hit a workout again the next week and then wait, rinsing and repeating this cycle until they eventually quit. Don’t do this. Keep working out consistently, and your body will adjust accordingly. If you are worried about being overly sore, then just set a cap of 3-4 days a week, and you will be fine.


Plan Hopping

Everyone, no matter if they are new to the world of fitness or veterans of the fitness world, gets on google and types in fitness routines. You might be totally happy with your current routine, but want to see what else is out there. If you’ve started and stopped multiple fitness routines before you get to the end of the program, then take this advice. Keep following your current plan, at least until the end. You do not need a new plan yet. Think of fitness programs like a story in a book. Sure, you just want to get to the end, but if you read the first page and then the last page, you will know what the outcome is, but how did it get to that point? Personally found myself being held more accountable by purchasing a fitness program. It’s harder to plan hop when there’s a monetary value attached to each workout plan.


No Plan At All

Is this the third time this week you’ve trained arms? Have you touched a wall ball in the past month or so? What about double unders are you practicing? If the answer to any of those questions relates to you, then you are in the same boat as many others. After a year or so of being in the fitness world, we find what we like to do, and we keep doing it. A lot of us tend to skip out on working on weaknesses, and we never get any better at them. Not having a plan at all means you will fall into the same routine over and over again until the end of time, or you finally get fed up and find a routine that fills in your gaps.

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It goes without saying that nutrition is the key factor that holds many people back from achieving their fitness goals. You, me, and the rest of the world all need to do a little bit of a better job with our nutrition. I would say you should be spending an equal amount of time, if not more time, on your diet than you are spending in the gym. Working out for two hours is easy compared to the Iditarod of a task that is cooking for yourself. Buy healthy foods, find a meal plan that is easy to follow, and eliminate any bad choices that are out there.

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