Common Myths in Weightloss

Fat Burning

If you have been around the internet for a while then you may have noticed a few trends in weight loss going around. The two biggest are supplements and fit teas, but there are others that seem to find their way to people's feeds. While some of these may technically work in "losing" weight they don't work in the way they advertise. In fact, while I preach it a lot, the only tried and true way of losing weight is a proper diet and a balanced workout plan. let's find out how this all ties together.


This is a big one. The supplement industry is largely unregulated. While I am sure many companies mean well, you have to remember at the end of the day they are just trying to get their products off the shelves and into your homes. While certain supplements like pre-workout and protein powders do work as intended we are going to dive into the bevy of "fat-burning" supplements out there. The one most people tend to be familiar with is Hydroxy cut, and while you may see results off it all it really does for you is give you an excess of caffeine and some other extracts to give you the idea that you're losing weight. If you read closely on their label many supplement brands will say that they aren't magic and you have to put the work in any way. Well of course you do, but guess what? You're going to see the exact same results whether you were using the supplement or not. If you are already putting the work in and eating healthy then those results would come. The supplement didn't really do much. I've tried countless supplements and honestly, the only thing that worked for me was proper nutrition and doing a little bit of extra cardio.

But I took it and it works

Yes, supplements MAY help, but if they really did have the magic cure for fat loss you would be hearing about it all day and night and the supplement industry would be churning out the fittest superhumans since Captain America. The way it works is a thought process and there multiple schools of thought behind it. here a few examples. 

  • I spent money on this I don't want it to go to waste.
  • I took my supplement I should do cardio
  • I already took the steps to by a fat burner I might as well eat better
  • Wow, I have so much more motivation now and I think its working

Just a few examples. This isn't me knocking your weight loss methods. In fact, if you have seen a significant drop in weight or are more proud of your physique then congratulations, you did that all on your own and some magic pill or powder didn't actually help you. Being proud of your weight loss journey is important and every step in that direction is a good one. 

Diet Teas

I have heard about this trend for a while and now it has started dying down quite a bit. These teas do make you lose weight, but we need to talk about what that means. Numbers on the scale mean absolutely nothing terms of general weight loss. You could wear a sauna suit and starve yourself for 24 hours and drop a few pounds, but that is a terrible method and you'll gain the weight right back anyway. Fat loss is a long journey, your body is a transcontinental steam engine when it comes to fat loss, not a muscle car trying to win a drag race. You want to look healthy at your weight loss goal. This is why diet teas don't really tend to work. They really just make you run to the bathroom all day and the number on the scale goes down, but at what cost.

Other Tropes in weightloss

Okay for starters you can spot reduce. Everyone wants a visible set of abs, but you can't just will them into existence by doing crunches. You need to lose weight as a whole and build and develop the muscles underneath. This means doing a little more ab work and a little more cardio, while also eating healthy. 

If you want to see your abs you need to work them. While you can't spot reduce you can still build up the muscle. If you want bigger legs you do squats, if you want bigger biceps you do curls. You need to work out a muscle to make it look better and be stronger. Don't forget that. 

Compound movements alone are not enough to build your abs. While your abs won't get smaller doing deadlifts, squats, strict press, and bench press they certainly aren't going to grow. They are a stabilizing muscle, but they aren't getting direct work. Make time to do an ab routine even after you do your compound movements. 

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